Friday, August 14, 2009

Item 81 : Gorgeous Drapped Style

Purple ( 1 available)
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sold on 18th of August 2009

Orangish Red (1 available)

Item 81
Free size : Fits S, M, small L
Width/Length : 45/77cm
Material : Nylon
a bit stretchable
gorgeous printed
comes with a detachable sleeveless inner
3/4 sleeves with hook
Available colours : purple, blue, orangish red

Price : RM 43
Now RM 32

side view
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Item 79 : Cute Giraffe T-shirt

sold on 9th of September 2009
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sold on 21st of November 2009

orange (1 available)

Item 79

Free Size : Fits S ,small M
Width/ Length : 42/61cm
Material : Good quality t-shirt fabric
so cute with glitter giraffe patcwork
Available Colours : pink, white,orange

Price : RM 18
Now RM 12

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Item 66: Audrey

sold on 5th of August 2009
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Light brown ( 1 available)

Brown (1 available)

Item 66
Free Size : Fits S, M
Width/Length : 42/85cm
Material : Cotton
stretchable at the back
open front button
comes with the belt
detail pleats at the front side
Available Colours : pink, light brown, brown

Price : RM45
Price reduction: Now RM37

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