Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Item 124 : Sara

sold on 7th of December 2010
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sold on 2nd of February 2010

sold on 13th of August 2010

sold on 20th of March 2010

Item 124

Free size : Fits S, M
All size width/length : 42/73cm
Material : Rayon elastic
stretchable at waist (at the back)
cute and pretty design
detailed with sweet looking lace at waist, sleeves and neck
Available colours : grey, maroon, black, purple

Price : RM 40

Now RM38

sold out

Friday, January 1, 2010

Item 119 : Halter Vest Dress

sold on 8th oh January 2010

Dark Green
sold on 7th of December 2010

Red ( 1 available)

Item 119
Free size : Fits S, M
All size width/length : 43/77cm(dress)
36/60cm (vest)
Material : Qood quality t-shirt fabric
halter neck vest
ruffles at skirt
separated vest and dress
Available colours : purple, dark green, red

Price : RM 32

Now RM22

back view

the dress

Item 118 : Cute Cat T-Shirt

White (1 available)

Orange (1 available)

Yellow ( 1 available)

Item 118
Free Size : Fits S ,small M
All size width/ length : 42/60cm
Material : Good quality t-shirt fabric
cute cat patchwork
glitter writing
Available Colours : white, orange, yellow

Price : RM 16

Now Rm 12

back view
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Item 117 : Flowery Blouse

Brown ( 1 available )

sold on 11th of March 2011

sold on 22nd of April 2010

Item 117
Free Size : Fits S, M,L
*reccommended for hips not more than 35 inches
Width/Length : 74/70cm
Material : cotton
detachable sash
batwing sleeves
smock type underneath
Available colours : brown, blue, pink

Price : RM 34

Now RM22

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