Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Item 112 : Cute Snowy Mini Dress

Soft red ( 1 available)
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sold on 2nd of December 2009

Orange ( 1 available)

Item 112
Free size : Fits S, M,L
All size width/length : 48/75cm
Material : Soft and high quality knit fabric
cute snow man motive
rubber elastic between chest and waist
Available colours : soft red, red, orange

Price : RM 30
Now 25

back view
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Item 111 : Regina

Pink (1 available)
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sold on 1st of January 2010

Red ( 1 available)

Item 111
Free Size : Fits S, M, L
All size width/ length : 48/90cm
Material : Good quality cotton fabric
rubber elastic and button ornament at chest
Available colours: pink, black, red
belt included

Price : RM 50
Now RM 40

Item 110: Sweet Embroidered Blouse

sold on 5th of February 2010

Light Brown (1 available)

sold on 21st of January 2010

Item 110
Free Size : Fits S, M,L,XL
All size width/length : 59/75cm
Material : Good quality cotton fabric
Gorgeous embroidered details
Available Colours : pink, light brown, mustard

Price : RM47
Now RM 43

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